Should I end treatment? 

Acupuncture is a funny old thing! Not only do I see results with all sorts of conditions from insomnia, to knee pain, to improved fertility, migraines and so on, but people almost always also report ‘feeling better’: mood more stable, life not as stressful, better sleep, more energy, less prone to infections. 
This often begs the question when do I discontinue my care? I believe a few factors are involved and ultimately only you can decide.

1. Presenting symptom (the reason you sought acupuncture) has it completely gone or become more manageable? Is it something likely to return? Arthritis,repetitive strain? 

2. Cost: as much as none of like to admit it, money is a factor. 

3. Can I sustain the necessary life style changes to prevent a flare up of (presenting condition)? 

In my glasgow clinic I generally have a conversation around the above: suggesting ideally that I no longer need to see uou regularly, on the promise that you’ll come back as soon as symptoms return: not 6 months later!! 
It’s hard being a therapist and a business trying to weigh that up: as a business I want everyone I’ve seen to continue care for ever cos then I wouldn’t need to market (my least fav hat)! But as a therapist I want you healed and out my door for as long as possible! 
They do say prevention is the best medicine so a few visits a year to keep the body in as good a shape as is possible is the perfect way work if that is something you can achieve in your life. 

I hope that all who discontinue care with me know that they are always welcome back at any point whether it be a completely new problem or a resurgence of the old one! 

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