Natural beauty: Enhanced

Whilst I am truely uninterested in the current makeup trends and extremes like Botox, I consider what I use, both at home and within the clinic to treat my patients. 

For our facials I’ve struggled to find the perfect combo as all products I’ve tried so far have some level of chemicals in them. That is until I discovered the Tropic range. I have used them in clinic for a while now and love them so much I’ve even become an ambassador for them!

The elixir seems to be everyone’s favourite so far its smells like marzipan and leaves your skin feeling delicious. 

I have found that even just using on the appointments has a lasting affect on the complexion. 

I use their face masks too and their cleanser and toner when doing a facial.

The anti ageing acupuncture also benefits from the addition of these natural, non toxic organic products. 

You’ll also see the other gadgets I use to enhance your beauty: tiger warmer to improve blood flow and facial cups to remove excess fluid: ideal for puffy eyes! 

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