Mental health awareness day 2017

As part of our mission to help the wonderful folks of glasgow to rediscover their health we were giving our time and services away for free in recognition of world mental health day.
I offered acupuncture in a group setting where I placed just 4 needles in the ears to help stimulate the vagus nerve and by doing so activating the rest and digest aspect of our nervous system (the Yin if you like) rather that the constant low level stress that we exist with as our bodies are not evolved enough to understand our deadlines/checking of phones/NEED to be busy are not an actual threat to us: it’s understanding is fight, flight or freeze: the Yang aspect of our nervous system.   It developed to protect us from predators by closing down the system not needed to fight: digestion, immune, cognitive, and instead made our hearts beat faster, our breathing more shallow and thus giving our muscles the extra energy required to defeat said physical threat.
Saskia provided us with some truely beautiful mindfulness exercises: getting us to observe and modify our breath: getting it into the lower lungs (pushing our belly out), further enhancing the effects of the acupuncture. 

Was a truely lovely thing to watch the changes in people even over that short time! I am honoured and humbled to be trusted and able to provide such services, especially when it’s for free! 

One text we got later in the day ‘I arrived proper f**king stressed, and now I’m f**king chilled’ 

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