Being a therapist: 

I am now entering my 15th year as a therapist: originally massage, soon followed by acupuncture and have been practicing back in Glasgow, as an acupuncturist for 10 whole years now!!!! 

I have recently signed up for some new training and there was a term in it that I found vaguely jolting. It said something along the lines of ‘student must be seen to be healthy, to encourage the patient by example’.

As many of you know , I, as a human , have struggled with a few things over the years; my weight being a principle one, my love of coffee and steak and chocolate being others! Anyway, it had left me reflecting on my practice over the years, and I can honestly say I have found my own struggles to beneficial: granted I have yet to master this thing called healthy living: but I’m a work in progress as are many other. 
Patients often comment on their relief when they realise I am not a ‘holier than thou’ type: I’ll work with you where you are at, free of judgement.   I may offer my humble views on possible life style changes that I believe may help aid your recovery, but if you dont choose to implement then I am genuinely not offended: only you know what your body and mind are capable of on any given day, moment to moment.   

Patients  comment on liking knowing I’ve been know to be very drunk (never while needling of course)…. I am also a human who has a past and a current life. 

I find my own struggles in life to actually be of benefit: I find it easy to empathise with my patients regardless of whatever their struggle is – as I too have my own to work through. 

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