Induction of labour

Just had to share my excitement in todays 1st patient in the Glasgow Clinic.   Someone I hadn’t met before, 41 weeks and 4 days – pharmaceutical induction booked for Friday but to try and avoid she called me yesterday and I was able to squeeze her in this morning.

She was of course nervous: today being her first every acupuncture treatment, but was delighted at the ease of the needle insertion:

Paula: that’s the 1st needle going in

Patient: oh really? is that it??

Then instant calm – I do love how quickly and easily people relax in my city centre clinic.

The good news for her is that her contractions had already started before her treatment – but time between was hugely variable: needles were inserted at 02minutes past the hour  1st contraction 03! – then 16, then 26, then 34, 44 and 52 and 59 – so instantly quicker, and lasting consistently 50 seconds.  She also found the 3-5 contractions slightly LESS painful, whilst still very aware of their intensity – again I blame the needles for that one! 😉

I sent her away smiling with some homework for her birth partner to do to help continue the work we have started, and also  a wee treat for her post birth – “mother warming” which helps her body to be more nourished and thus recover more effectively.



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