Cupping therapy

Today was an interesting one, following all the hype generated by the Olympians and their interesting markings, I had an interview with Katrina Tweedie where I explained dry cupping and also gave a demo LIVE!!  

Didn’t know that was coming but there will forever be a wee video of me on Facebook doing my stuff.

Cupping is a part of Traditional Chinese medicine. It is wonderfully useful at breaking up tension, stopping a muscle spasm and alleviating fatigued muscles.  It is also traditional used to treat infections, and has for example been shown to have a positive impact on the herpes virus, amoung others.

It is a bizarrely relaxing treatment on the whole:once the cups are on you feel almost like a tightness or pressure as your tisses are pulled into the cup. After a few moments generally you forget they are there, but once released (after a maximum of 10 minutes static) you feel lighter and freer. It can even be used cosmetically to help clear the complexion and reduce puffiness. 

There are three ways I use cups in my Glasgow clinic. 

The first is static – so cups are left in place, over acupuncture points or muscular areas of concern.

The second: moving cupping whereby the cups are placed with suction and moved around a problem area: fantastic for tension, and general over worked muscles 

The third: flashing cupping, this technique involves quick repeated application of the cups over an area that generally won’t hold static: i have used for plantar fasciitis, TMJ disorders and Bell’s palsy. 
It’s a wonderful additional therapy and a great massage tool. 
I plan to run some training in it in the not too distant future 😄


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